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PHA & IFC Press Release Regarding Upcoming Summit

Contact: Carolyn Welter, Vice President of Public Relations
Parker Briden, IFC Vice President of Public Relations

The University of Missouri Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council Hope to Influence Administration Policies at the Upcoming Chancellor’s Summit

COLUMBIA, MO (June 5, 2015) – The University of Missouri’s Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council are optimistic that the upcoming Chancellor’s Summit on Sexual Assault & Student Safety in Fraternity Houses will result in more thorough and adequate administrative policies pertaining to Greek Life.

The summit emerged as a way to discuss the recent proposal on the “Safety of Women Students in Fraternity Houses” brought to the administration by the Fraternity Alumni Consortium. The Executive Boards of both Greek councils appreciate the input from their valued alumni and the school’s administration, however it strongly disagrees with several of the policies proposed by the Fraternity Alumni Consortium.

The women of the Panhellenic Association Executive Board and the Panhellenic chapter presidents deemed the very premise of the proposal problematic and found many of the policies to be ineffective and uneducated. They concluded that a majority of the proposed policies were not in the best interest of the members of the Panhellenic Association. They drafted a letter and emailed it to MU’s Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin. The letter addresses the Panhellenic Association’s concern with the proposal as a whole and the specific concerns with some of the policies proposed by the Fraternity Alumni Consortium. The intent of the letter was to show the need for the administration to include the women of the Panhellenic Association in discussions surrounding the safety of women students.

The men of the Interfraternity Council Executive Board also have many serious concerns with the proposal and believe that further coordination with student leaders is necessary to create effective policies. The IFC Executive Board has been working throughout the year to draft a new alcohol policy and education initiative designed to combat sexual misconduct within the Greek community. This alcohol policy closely mirrors the one outlined by the Alumni Consortium, and they appreciate their support for those efforts. Their hope is that this summit will provide a platform to discuss their plans with the administration and the Panhellenic Association stakeholders.

Both councils encourage the Fraternity Consortium and administration to consider the aggressive work that IFC and PHA are doing to combat sexual misconduct, and work together with the people who are closest to these issues. The leaders in these two councils are committed to Chancellor Loftin’s goal of eliminating sexual misconduct on our campus and will continue to be a leader in finding effective solutions that move us further towards that goal, while respecting the rights of all MU students.

The invite-only summit, hosted by University of Missouri Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, will take place on June 20, 2015. The Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council Executive Boards, chapter presidents, a handful of chapter executive officers, house corporation boards, every executive director of National Panhellenic Council and North-American Interfraternity Conference and general stakeholders in the community were all invited.

Details on the new peer education system created by IFC to address sexual misconduct can be found here: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/mu-fraternity-members-are-teaching-each-other-about-sexual-assault/article_768d9d80-860a-5878-ab10-6ec54156374f.html.

Attached is the letter sent to Chancellor Loftin, written and signed on behalf of the leaders of the Panhellenic Association. (Click here for the full Press Release and attachments.)

For additional information on the Panhellenic Association’s position on the proposal, contact PHA Vice President of Public Relations Carolyn Welter, cmw3t4@mail.missouri.edu or PHA President Allison Fitts, alftz8@mail.missouri.edu. For additional information on the Interfraternity Council’s position on the proposal, contact IFC Vice President of Public Relations Parker Briden, pwbb7d@mail.missouri.edu or IFC President Jason Blincow, jtbpp9@mail.missouri.edu.

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ABOUT THE ORGANIZATIONS: The University of Missouri Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council are two of the three councils within the Office of Greek Life. The Panhellenic Association is the governing body over the 15 recognized NPC sororities and one affiliate sorority on our campus. An Executive Board comprised of eight sorority women are elected each year in order to promote unity within the sororities through weekly delegation, frequent events for the whole PHA community, hosting Formal Recruitment each year and much more. The Executive Board works to promote the four Mizzou Panhellenic values, sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and service, which are the common threads that unite all of our sorority women. You can learn more about the organization at http://greeklife.missouri.edu/pha/. The MU Interfraternity Council oversees and represents fraternities on Mizzou’s campus. Its objectives are to promote the interests of University of Missouri and member fraternities, promote cooperation between member fraternities and the University of Missouri, and ensure cooperation between member fraternities, as well as uphold IFC’s values of Brotherhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. More information on the MU Interfraternity Council can be found at http://greeklife.missouri.edu/ifc/.

Click here for the full Press Release and attachments.