Gamma Jam Was A Huge Success

GAMMA Jam Brings Awareness to Safe Drinking Habits

This year marks another successful GAMMA Week at Mizzou. GAMMA is “Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol”, and is an organization that strives to promote safe and healthy drinking habits for students. GAMMA works to establish positive relations with students to teach them that consuming alcohol is not forbidden, but is okay when done in moderation.

GAMMA is a Greek student organization organized by the Wellness Resource Center. GAMMA provides education regarding health and safety topics affecting Greek students, particularly responsible alcohol use. GAMMA’s various educational opportunities throughout the year promote attitudinal and behavioral changes within the Greek community, while raising funds for their beneficiary, the McCambridge Center, which is a local women’s center.

GAMMA Jam is held every year during GAMMA Week and is an opportunity for Greek students to show off their talents for a good cause. GAMMA Jam 2016 was sponsored by the men of Fiji and was hosted on March 16th in Jesse Auditorium. The event included music, poetry, talents, and was a great way for the Greek community to come together before spring break. The first place talent winner won a grand prize as well as points for their chapter’s Greeks Raising the Bar score. This year’s winners were Jeremy Schmetterer and Jack Fargotstein of Alpha Epsilon Pi who performed a duet.