MGC Executive Board Spotlight

Multicultural Greek Council Spotlight

The University of Missouri Greek System has recently added an exciting new executive board to our array of strong Greek councils. The Multicultural Greek Council, also referred to as the MGC, is the umbrella council for the coalition of Multicultural Greek students that was originally established in 1998.

This past semester the MGC Executive Board was selected, and the students could not be more excited to get started and begin to advance and diversify the Greek System as a whole. The President of the Multicultural Greek Council, Phillip Nguyen, stated that the MGC is “a group for minority students. The MGC has created a good base on campus this past year, and the addition of an official council gives clarity and structure to this organization.”

This new council also has many goals for the upcoming year. Some of these goals include acquiring funds, gaining new members, and most importantly, “bridging gaps between Greek Councils and continuing to work towards a more unified Greek Life”, says MGC Financial Manager, Jacqueline Thai.

Upon asking Jacqueline and Phillip what they wanted both Greek and Non-Greek students to know about the newly elected Multicultural Greek Council, they were both in agreement that they wanted others to know that the MGC is a closely knit community, but they genuinely enjoy working with and connecting with students both in and outside of their organization.

Upon asking Phillip what he was most excited about as President of the MGC he said, “For me, I am most excited about setting traditions. I want to be able to come back in 5, 10, even 15 years and be able to see the MGC still existing and doing the things that it’s beginning to do today. I am honored and excited to be a part of starting something new. Making a difference on campus, providing opportunities, and changing viewpoints on Greek Life is truly what it means to be Greek.”

To learn more about the Multicultural Greek Council or how you can get involved, contact MGC President, Phillip Nguyen, or any member of the executive council for more information.