PHA Selects 84 ΠXs For 2016 Formal Recruitment

The Panhellenic Association Hosts an Exciting Reveal to Welcome 84 ΠXs

Panhellenic Counselor’s serve as a Potential New Member’s first guide and leader into Greek Life. The job of a Panhellenic Counselor, also known as a Pi Chi, is to be a mentor for young women going through the Formal Recruitment process and beyond. On March 22nd, a new group of Pi Chi’s were chosen for the 2016’s Formal Panhellenic Recruitment.

Upon arriving to Francis Quadrangle, Pi Chi hopefuls were told that they had received a second round interview to become a Panhellenic Counselor. Little did they know, they had been chosen to be Pi Chis and would be receiving a Pi Chi bid card with their name on it. After receiving a bid, the women were taken to the Heidelberg to celebrate and meet the other Pi Chis. 2016 Pi Chi Erin stated, “Pi Chi Reveal was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had in college. Getting to open a Pi Chi bid card on the Quad was the perfect way to find out I was selected to do something I’ve dreamed of since going through recruitment. Sharing the excitement with my sisters who were also selected made it even better.”

Being a Pi Chi is many women’s favorite position they have during their time as a Greek student at Mizzou. The impression that Panhellenic Counselor’s have on their Potential New Members is an experience that many women carry with them throughout their entire time in Greek Life. When asking Kackie about why she wanted to be a Pi Chi she explained, “I have wanted to be in a sorority since I was seven. I knew being Greek would be an amazing experience.  When I finally did get to go through recruitment, I came to Mizzou very much alone. My family was 13 hours away and the closest person I knew before college was three hours away. I knew no one in the entire state. Even through the fear and anxiety, there was an instant spark of admiration for me before recruitment even began. I saw three women leading my group, eating lunch with us, helping us with our outfits, and caring so deeply that our experience would be positive no matter what happened in the end. I felt the same feeling I had at seven; I knew being a Pi Chi would be a wonderful opportunity for me and the women I would be able to serve.”

Overall, the 2016 Pi Chi reveal was a success. Registration for Formal Recruitment does not begin until this summer, but in the meantime the 2016 Panhellenic Counselors will be preparing to lead one of the largest sorority recruitments in the country.