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2016 Greek Leader Retreat

Each year, the Office of Greek Life leads a retreat for all of the chapter presidents, council executive board members and staff.  There, we work together to establish our goals and set the tone for the upcoming year. This year, our leaders established the goals mentioned in the video and are currently working to implement them. We can’t wait for the year ahead with these wonderful campus leaders!


Greek Honors Night


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On October 28th, students, advisors and the Greek Life Office staff came together to honor and celebrate the wonderful leaders in our chapters. Below is the complete list of the night’s winners!

Individual Awards

+ Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, House Director – Paula Gee, Kappa Alpha Theta

+ Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, Chapter Advisor – Jean Eggerman, Pi Beta Phi

+  PHA Selfless Helper – Anna Elliot, Pi Beta Phi

+ PHA Unsung Hero – Johanna Hohne, Alpha Delta Pi

+ IFC Celil B. Keasler Leadership Award – Cole Lawson, Delta Chi

+ NPHC Outstanding Chapter President – Reginald Seay, Kappa Alpha Psi

+ IFC Outstanding Chapter President – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi

+ PHA Outstanding Chapter President – Maggie Bowman, Kappa Delta

+ NPHC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kaylah Loveless, Delta Sigma Theta

+ IFC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Jake Meyers, Delta Chi

+ PHA Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kiersten Kuc, Kappa Kappa Gamma


+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Henry J Evetts, Alpha Tau Omega

+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Matthew J Taylor, Sigma Phi Delta

+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Sean T Copeland, Delta Tau Delta

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Ty P Kapitzky, Alpha Tau Omega

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Jacob M Farkas, Alpha Epsilon Pi

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Dominic J Polizzi, Beta Theta Pi

+ IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Zachary S Bine, Delta Tau Delta

+ IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Evan M Chipley, Lambda Chi Alpha

+ IFC Nathan L. Shore Scholarship – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi

+ PHA Excellence Scholarship – Ellen Dyra, Alpha Delta Pi

Chapter Awards

+ Dedication to Member Academic Excellence – Kappa Alpha Order

+ Excellence in Service and Philanthropy – Pi Beta Phi

+ Above & Beyond for Beneficiary – Alpha Delta Pi

+ Risk Management Excellence – Sigma Pi

+ GAMMA Wellness Award – Kappa Delta

+ Dedication to Risk Management Education – Lambda Theta Phi

+ Excellence in New Member Programming – Delta Sigma Theta

+ Dedication to Continued Member Development – Delta Gamma

+ Outstanding Member Development Event – Sigma Kappa, RSVP Event

+ Good Neighbor Award – Sigma Sigma Sigma, Philanthropy Week

+ Outstanding Unity Event – Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Sigma Phi, Dog Days

+ Outstanding Diversity Event – Delta Sigma Theta, Portrait Series

+ NPHC GPA Excellence – Alpha Kappa Alpha

+ IFC GPA Excellence – Beta Theta Pi

+ PHA GPA Excellence – Kappa Alpha Theta

+ NPHC Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Alpha Psi

+ IFC Overall Excellence Award – Lambda Theta Phi

+ PHA Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Delta

Congratulations to all of the award recipients! Thank you for truly making a difference in the Greek community!

A Statement from Janna Basler, Associate Director of Student Life

Nov. 10, 2015

COLUMBIA, Mo. – “As a student affairs professional, I take my responsibility to students very seriously. Yesterday, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me while trying to protect some of our students. Instead of defusing an already tense situation, I contributed to its escalation. I regret how I handled the situation, and I am offering a public apology to the journalist involved.

I have the utmost respect for journalists and the profession of journalism. I have devoted my career to helping students learn and develop outside the classroom. What happened on Carnahan Quadrangle has been a lesson for me. I am deeply sorry for what happened.”

Greek Honors Night Applications Open


Greek Honors Night will be held this year on October 28th at 6:00pm. That night, we will be honoring the winners of our various awards. Winners of these awards must be nominated by a fellow greek member or self-nominated. All nominations are due on October 9th by midnight. You can access the awards here: – Chapter Awards Application – Individual Awards Applications – Scholarship Applications
Any questions can be directed to Justin McCormick,


Unforeseen technical difficulties with the Panhellenic Formal Recruitment registration website on Friday, July 24th has resulted in the inability of some students to register for the recruitment process. We apologize for any inconvenience and are currently working with the vendor to resolve the problem which we hope to have resolved today.

Due to this unforeseen problem the registration deadline will be extended by one additional day. Registration for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment will now close at 11:59PM on Saturday, July 25th. To register go to or follow the link on the Panhellenic Recruitment webpage.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Greek Life by email at or by phone at (573) 882-8291.

Published July 24, 2015 at 10:30 a.m.

The Greek Life Website will be down Friday (17th) 8am-10:30am

The Greek Life Website will be temporarily down for maintenance on Friday, July 17th from 8am-10:30am. Registrations for PHA Sorority Recruitment can still take place on this site: However, you will not be able to access the Greek Life website during the outage. If you are planning on signing up during the hours of 8am-11am on Friday, July 17th we recommend saving this link and going directly to this page: For questions call us at 573-882-8291

PHA Formal Recruitment Registration Now Open

Formal Recruitment: August 16 – 23, 2015

PHA Formal Recruitment Information

  • Registration  for Formal Recruitment 2015 will open July 8th and close July 24th
  • Late registrations are NOT accepted and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • Cost=$175.00 per person (includes room, board, tee shirts and processing fees)—this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • For participants who live on campus, move-in will take place two weekends before classes start.
  • Students must be fully admitted to the University in order to register.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that women participating in formal recruitment or informal recruitment have at or above a 3.5 cumulative high school or college GPA at the time they are seeking membership. Visit the FAQ page for more information.
  • View the 2015 PHA Recruitment Guide.

Register for Formal Recruitment

Chancellor’s Summit on Sexual Assault and Student Safety in Greek Life

June 20, 2015

The Chancellor’s Summit on Sexual Assault and Student Safety in Greek Life was a tremendous success. Approximately 250 students, alumni, national representatives and university faculty and staff worked together to identify issues and strategies to enhance safety throughout our entire campus.

Students have been working hard all year to identify ways to address this important national issue on our campus. We are really proud to see our Greek students taking such a proactive leadership role in peer education and cross-campus collaboration.

Getting everyone together is an important step, but this is not the end. In the coming days, in collaboration with all of the stakeholders here today, Greek Life and the Title IX Office will be working to develop an action plan based on the discussion today. We look forward to continuing to work with students, alumni, national Greek association headquarters, faculty and staff to maintain and enhance safety in our community.

PHA Formal Recruitment 2015

PHA Formal Recruitment is fast approaching.

  • Formal Recruitment will run August 16 – 23, 2015.
  • Registration for Formal Recruitment 2015 will open July 8th and close July 24th.
  • Late registrations are NOT accepted and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • Cost=$175.00 per person (includes room, board, tee shirts and processing fees)—this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • For participants who live on campus, move-in will take place two weekends before classes start.
  • Students must be fully admitted to the University in order to register.
  • View the 2015 PHA Recruitment Guide.

Click here to find more information.

The University of Missouri Panhellenic Association To Implement Sexual Violence Education Plan Fall 2015


Contact: Carolyn Welter, Vice President of Public Relations


The University of Missouri Panhellenic Association To Implement Sexual

Violence Education Plan Fall 2015

COLUMBIA, MO (June 15, 2015) – The University of Missouri’s Panhellenic Association will implement a Sexual Violence Education Plan at the start of the 2015-2016 school year that will set education requirements for new members, chapter executive boards and chapter members. The plan will be implemented during the 2015-2016 school year.

The plan was drafted by PHA Vice President of Risk Management, Kendall Foley after months of diligent research and communication with the PHA Executive Board, chapter presidents, chapter members, the Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention Center and Assistant Vice Provost and Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley.

The Sexual Violence Education Plan, while related, was created prior to the proposals made by the Fraternity Alumni Consortium and will be implemented regardless of any future administrative policies.

Attached is an outline and explanation of the Sexual Violence Education Plan.

For additional information on the Sexual Violence Education Plan, contact PHA Vice President of Public Relations Carolyn Welter, or PHA Vice President of Risk Management Kendall Foley,


# # #


ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION: The University of Missouri Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council are two of the three councils within the Office of Greek Life. The Panhellenic Association is the governing body over the 15 recognized NPC sororities and one affiliate sorority on our campus. An Executive Board comprised of eight sorority women are elected each year in order to promote unity within the sororities through weekly delegation, frequent events for the whole PHA community, hosting Formal Recruitment each year and much more. The Executive Board works to promote the four University of Missouri Panhellenic values, sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and service, which are the common threads that unite all of our sorority women. You can learn more about the organization at



Panhellenic Association

University of Missouri

Sexual Violence Education Plan

Throughout the spring 2015 semester, since the current Panhellenic Association board members began our terms, we have been involved in a constant and progressive dialogue about sexual violence in our community. We have been reaching out to campus resources, opening up channels of communication to hear concerns and brainstorming the best ways to serve our community by addressing this crime with education, support, and sisterhood. We have collaborated within our council, with the Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention Center and Title IX Office, with chapter and campus leaders and with the sorority chapter members we aim to serve. From that communication and cooperation that we are incredibly thankful for, we have developed a comprehensive plan to address the concerns that have been raised surrounding the issue of sexual violence. The plan focuses entirely on the principles of education, support and preparation. Those are our goals, first and foremost.

Specific concerns that we have heard in spades from members of the PHA community and others can be seen directly reflected in the details of our plan. We have strategically incorporated the issues our community is facing into our extensive plan to create a safe community where our members can feel comfortable and empowered to make their own decisions and enjoy their time at the university.

Firstly, the PHA board recognizes that it is unrealistic and ineffective to treat the issue of sexual violence as if it affects all of our members in the same way. We have tailored the education plan to address members throughout all phases of their time in college and different types of members within the sorority chapter.

New Members

Women are most likely to become victims of a sexual crime within their first semester of college. Furthermore, we have become aware that women coming into college have generally been wildly underexposed to sexual violence education. In particular, it seems that a significant concern is that younger members are not aware of what constitutes different types of sexual violence.

  • New member peer educators: about ten new members from each chapter’s pledge class in the fall will undergo focused education training where they will learn about of sexual violence prevention and reporting. They will be challenged to have informal conversations with their peers within their pledge class to encourage positive bystander intervention and spread the education they received.
  • Education program: chapters will be required to host an education session with all new members during the new member period and the new member peer educators will help facilitate the session. The program will be designed in a collaborative effort between PHA, the RSVP center and the Title IX office.

Chapter Leaders

Leaders of a sorority chapter are often put into difficult situations when their attention is called to a member of their chapter who has become a victim of sexual violence. While these women are the trusted leaders of their chapters, they are often not trained on how to navigate situations like these. A climate that allows the politics of the Greek system and misunderstandings of the reporting process can also be cultivated when the leaders of a chapter are not thoroughly educated on sexual violence and how to address it.

  • Support training summit: all chapter executive council members will be required to attend a summit where they will receive sexual violence education and go through training on how to handle situations of sexual violence when they arise within the chapters.
  • Training and resource manual: all executive board members will receive manuals that they can use throughout the year to refer back to the training and education they received at their summit.

Chapter Members

If chapter members receive sexual violence programs at all, it is often surface-level education that does not progress their thinking or challenge them. In addition, they can often end up receiving the same presentation or program several times throughout their years in college. The overall culture of sexual violence in the community reflects the lack of education that the average chapter member has had.

  • Yearly education requirement loop: all chapters will be required to provide a sexual violence education program at least once a year for their members. PHA, the RSVP center and the Title IX office will be working together to create four different presentations that are in-depth and will challenge sorority women. The chapters will be set on four-year loop so that the average sorority member sees each of the programs once, but no member will have to repeat a program.
  • Optional support training: chapter members who are interested in learning more about sexual violence, reporting and support will be offered a training program so that they are better equipped to help support and educate their sisters within the chapter setting.

The Panhellenic Association believes that this education plan addresses the concerns presenting themselves in our community and that it will be immensely effective if executed consistently in the coming years. Together, we can change the culture of our community and create a place where our women feel safe and comfortable, while still empowering them to be the strong and amazing people we know they are.


Kendall Foley, PHA Vice President of Risk Management