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2016 Greek Week Recap

Greek Week this year was full of opportunities and involvement for Greek students to make a difference in our community. Every pairing came together to create the most successful Greek Week Mizzou has ever seen, and raise an astounding amount of money for our beneficiaries.

Greek Week started off this year with a Blood Drive. Each pairing would send volunteers, donors, and encourage all students to donate. The Blood Drive lasted April 4-6th, and collected a record total of 1,632 units of blood. This is an incredible amount of lives saved, and the Greek community is ecstatic to have raised this amount for the American Red Cross.

Games began that weekend, April 7-10th. Sports included Dodgeball, Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and a Swim Relay. Pairings came dressed in theme to support their teams. While competition is fierce, sportsmanship and spirit are extremely important to the Greek Community and for placing overall in Sports. This is a great time for students to come together and cheer on athletes from their pairing.

The next event was Fling, which occurred April 12-14 th . This was a chance for chapters to show off their talents with skit and dance. Pairings created a 15-minute skit that included props, flats, an incorporated song, and two dance routines. This is one of the most popular events of Homecoming and Greek Week every year, as it is a time for students to watch what other chapters have created, and have the opportunity to enjoy the productions with other pairings.

This Greek Week there was many service events targeted towards helping our beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries for Greek Week this year included The Ronald McDonald House, True North, Center Project, Honor Flight, Camp Kesem, and Cedar Creek. Beneficiaries this year each held a small event that would help them specifically. Some of these events included a Camp Kesem donation drive, a trunk sale benefiting Center Project, and the opportunity for students to help build a bridge at Cedar Creek. After these events came two of the largest Service events, Caring For Columbia and Special Olympics. At Caring For Columbia, students did a variety of different projects across the community. Such projects included cleaning parks, having a Field Day with local Girl Scouts, and helping at a local food bank. At Special Olympics, pairings created a booth for athletes to play in between events, had fans in the stands to cheer on athletes, and had volunteers to be “buddies” for the athletes and support them in their events. This was an incredible experience for all involved, and is all a part of what makes Greek Week so important to the campus and the community.

Overall, standings were as follows:

1 st Kappa Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, and Sigma Nu

2 nd Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Kappa Alpha Order

3 rd Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Sigma Psi, Theta Chi, and Sigma Tau Gamma

4 th Phi Mu, Phi Gamma Delta, and Delta Kappa Epsilon

5 th Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Kappa Sigma


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PHA Selects 84 ΠXs For 2016 Formal Recruitment

The Panhellenic Association Hosts an Exciting Reveal to Welcome 84 ΠXs

Panhellenic Counselor’s serve as a Potential New Member’s first guide and leader into Greek Life. The job of a Panhellenic Counselor, also known as a Pi Chi, is to be a mentor for young women going through the Formal Recruitment process and beyond. On March 22nd, a new group of Pi Chi’s were chosen for the 2016’s Formal Panhellenic Recruitment.

Upon arriving to Francis Quadrangle, Pi Chi hopefuls were told that they had received a second round interview to become a Panhellenic Counselor. Little did they know, they had been chosen to be Pi Chis and would be receiving a Pi Chi bid card with their name on it. After receiving a bid, the women were taken to the Heidelberg to celebrate and meet the other Pi Chis. 2016 Pi Chi Erin stated, “Pi Chi Reveal was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had in college. Getting to open a Pi Chi bid card on the Quad was the perfect way to find out I was selected to do something I’ve dreamed of since going through recruitment. Sharing the excitement with my sisters who were also selected made it even better.”

Being a Pi Chi is many women’s favorite position they have during their time as a Greek student at Mizzou. The impression that Panhellenic Counselor’s have on their Potential New Members is an experience that many women carry with them throughout their entire time in Greek Life. When asking Kackie about why she wanted to be a Pi Chi she explained, “I have wanted to be in a sorority since I was seven. I knew being Greek would be an amazing experience.  When I finally did get to go through recruitment, I came to Mizzou very much alone. My family was 13 hours away and the closest person I knew before college was three hours away. I knew no one in the entire state. Even through the fear and anxiety, there was an instant spark of admiration for me before recruitment even began. I saw three women leading my group, eating lunch with us, helping us with our outfits, and caring so deeply that our experience would be positive no matter what happened in the end. I felt the same feeling I had at seven; I knew being a Pi Chi would be a wonderful opportunity for me and the women I would be able to serve.”

Overall, the 2016 Pi Chi reveal was a success. Registration for Formal Recruitment does not begin until this summer, but in the meantime the 2016 Panhellenic Counselors will be preparing to lead one of the largest sorority recruitments in the country.

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Greek Week Pairing Selections

By Katie Loher

An exciting time is approaching as sorority and fraternity pairings are selected for 2016 Greek Week.

In the past couple years, the Greek Week pairing selection process has become more randomized and equal for the chapters to have a successful Greek Week experience. This has created a more positive environment, and more chance for success within every pairing. Greek Week at Mizzou is an exciting time where members of chapters get to know one another, participate in sporting events, create a skit for Fling, and most importantly complete service work that benefits the greater Columbia area.

This year, the pairing selection took place on February 17th in Allen Auditorium at 7:00 pm. Liaisons for every chapter as well as some of the chapter presidents filed in to the auditorium and took their seats to await the reveal of their Greek Week pairing.

Before this process began sororities and fraternities were given a list of potential pairings whom they would preference. At the event, every sorority and fraternity grouping’s name is written on a ping-pong ball and placed in a fishbowl. One of the Greek Week co-directors would then randomly select one of the balls and read off the name. When the chapters name was called, they would be given the first choice on their list. If their first choice was already in a pairing, the chapter would get their second choice, and so on from there. At the end, all chapters seemed to be excited to meet their pairings and get started with planning Greek Week events for 2016.

Greek Week will take place from April 3-17th. For more information on the specific events and dates, visit


The Greek Week groupings are as follows:

Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, & Sigma Phi Delta

Kappa Delta, Sigma Nu, & Alpha Tau Omega

Chi Omega, Kappa Sigma, & Alpha Epsilon Pi

Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta Theta Pi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Phi, & Zeta Beta Tau

Sigma Kappa, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Gamma Sigma

Pi Beta Phi & Phi Kappa Theta

Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, & Alpha Kappa Lambda

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Chi, & Phi Delta Theta

Alpha Phi, Sigma Pi, & Tau Kappa Epsilon

Alpha Chi Omega, Theta Chi, Beta Sigma Psi, & Sigma Tau Gamma

Delta Gamma, Farmhouse, & Delta Upsilon

Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, & Acacia

Phi Mu, Phi Gamma Delta, & Delta Kappa Epsilon

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Chi Alpha, & Kappa Alpha Order


Judicial Peer Advisory Council Applications Now Open

The Office of Student Conduct is seeking interested students to serve as Justices for the 2016-2017 Judicial Peer Advisory Council (JPAC).

The Judicial Peer Advisory Council is a peer review board who meets with University of Missouri students that have been involved in alleged violations of the Standard of Conduct.

The application process for interested students is now open. Students who are interested in applying to serve as a JPAC Justice can follow the instructions by clicking here.

Questions about JPAC can be directed to Julie Drury (

2016 Greek Leader Retreat

Every year, students from the University of Missouri attend a retreat to learn, grow, and develop as leaders for the Greek community and for our campus. The Office of Greek Life leads this retreat for all chapter presidents, council executive boards, members, and staff. This year, the retreat was held at Camp Mihaska in Bourbon, Missouri.

The retreat is an excellent time for the new Panhellenic Association (PHA), Interfraternity Council (IFC), and National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC) executive boards to get to know one another and begin to set goals for the upcoming year and the future of Greek Life at Mizzou. In a time where our university is in a state of change, having this positive education and goal setting will help further unity and inclusion in the University of Missouri’s Greek Community.  During the retreat students completed programming by facilitators from areas around the university, including MUPD and offices outside of student life.  The student leaders discussed topics such as education, diversity, knowledge, leadership, relationships, upholding values, and unity. These are just some of the goals that the executive boards would like to work on and carry out in the near future.

Each executive position and their counterparts will work together throughout the next year to make these goals a reality. According to those who attended the 2016 Greek Leaders Retreat, students left feeling hopeful and positive for the year to come.

Through leadership, inclusivity, and education Greek student leaders will continue to make a conscious effort to improve and continue the productivity of Greek Life at the University of Missouri.


Greek Honors Night


Untitled design

On October 28th, students, advisors and the Greek Life Office staff came together to honor and celebrate the wonderful leaders in our chapters. Below is the complete list of the night’s winners!

Individual Awards

+ Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, House Director – Paula Gee, Kappa Alpha Theta

+ Outstanding Support for the Greek Community, Chapter Advisor – Jean Eggerman, Pi Beta Phi

+  PHA Selfless Helper – Anna Elliot, Pi Beta Phi

+ PHA Unsung Hero – Johanna Hohne, Alpha Delta Pi

+ IFC Celil B. Keasler Leadership Award – Cole Lawson, Delta Chi

+ NPHC Outstanding Chapter President – Reginald Seay, Kappa Alpha Psi

+ IFC Outstanding Chapter President – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi

+ PHA Outstanding Chapter President – Maggie Bowman, Kappa Delta

+ NPHC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kaylah Loveless, Delta Sigma Theta

+ IFC Outstanding Greek Scholar – Jake Meyers, Delta Chi

+ PHA Outstanding Greek Scholar – Kiersten Kuc, Kappa Kappa Gamma


+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Henry J Evetts, Alpha Tau Omega

+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Matthew J Taylor, Sigma Phi Delta

+ IFC New Member Excellence Scholarship – Sean T Copeland, Delta Tau Delta

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Ty P Kapitzky, Alpha Tau Omega

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Jacob M Farkas, Alpha Epsilon Pi

+ IFC Man of Service Scholarship – Dominic J Polizzi, Beta Theta Pi

+ IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Zachary S Bine, Delta Tau Delta

+ IFC Man of Value Scholarship – Evan M Chipley, Lambda Chi Alpha

+ IFC Nathan L. Shore Scholarship – Ben Baker, Sigma Pi

+ PHA Excellence Scholarship – Ellen Dyra, Alpha Delta Pi

Chapter Awards

+ Dedication to Member Academic Excellence – Kappa Alpha Order

+ Excellence in Service and Philanthropy – Pi Beta Phi

+ Above & Beyond for Beneficiary – Alpha Delta Pi

+ Risk Management Excellence – Sigma Pi

+ GAMMA Wellness Award – Kappa Delta

+ Dedication to Risk Management Education – Lambda Theta Phi

+ Excellence in New Member Programming – Delta Sigma Theta

+ Dedication to Continued Member Development – Delta Gamma

+ Outstanding Member Development Event – Sigma Kappa, RSVP Event

+ Good Neighbor Award – Sigma Sigma Sigma, Philanthropy Week

+ Outstanding Unity Event – Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Sigma Phi, Dog Days

+ Outstanding Diversity Event – Delta Sigma Theta, Portrait Series

+ NPHC GPA Excellence – Alpha Kappa Alpha

+ IFC GPA Excellence – Beta Theta Pi

+ PHA GPA Excellence – Kappa Alpha Theta

+ NPHC Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Alpha Psi

+ IFC Overall Excellence Award – Lambda Theta Phi

+ PHA Overall Excellence Award – Kappa Delta

Congratulations to all of the award recipients! Thank you for truly making a difference in the Greek community!

A Statement from Janna Basler, Associate Director of Student Life

Nov. 10, 2015

COLUMBIA, Mo. – “As a student affairs professional, I take my responsibility to students very seriously. Yesterday, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me while trying to protect some of our students. Instead of defusing an already tense situation, I contributed to its escalation. I regret how I handled the situation, and I am offering a public apology to the journalist involved.

I have the utmost respect for journalists and the profession of journalism. I have devoted my career to helping students learn and develop outside the classroom. What happened on Carnahan Quadrangle has been a lesson for me. I am deeply sorry for what happened.”

Greek Honors Night Applications Open


Greek Honors Night will be held this year on October 28th at 6:00pm. That night, we will be honoring the winners of our various awards. Winners of these awards must be nominated by a fellow greek member or self-nominated. All nominations are due on October 9th by midnight. You can access the awards here: – Chapter Awards Application – Individual Awards Applications – Scholarship Applications
Any questions can be directed to Justin McCormick,


Unforeseen technical difficulties with the Panhellenic Formal Recruitment registration website on Friday, July 24th has resulted in the inability of some students to register for the recruitment process. We apologize for any inconvenience and are currently working with the vendor to resolve the problem which we hope to have resolved today.

Due to this unforeseen problem the registration deadline will be extended by one additional day. Registration for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment will now close at 11:59PM on Saturday, July 25th. To register go to or follow the link on the Panhellenic Recruitment webpage.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Greek Life by email at or by phone at (573) 882-8291.

Published July 24, 2015 at 10:30 a.m.

PHA Formal Recruitment Registration Now Open

Formal Recruitment: August 16 – 23, 2015

PHA Formal Recruitment Information

  • Registration  for Formal Recruitment 2015 will open July 8th and close July 24th
  • Late registrations are NOT accepted and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • Cost=$175.00 per person (includes room, board, tee shirts and processing fees)—this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • For participants who live on campus, move-in will take place two weekends before classes start.
  • Students must be fully admitted to the University in order to register.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that women participating in formal recruitment or informal recruitment have at or above a 3.5 cumulative high school or college GPA at the time they are seeking membership. Visit the FAQ page for more information.
  • View the 2015 PHA Recruitment Guide.

Register for Formal Recruitment